Friday, February 15, 2008

Unmounted stamps

What do you do when you are stuck at home on the couch with Bronchitis? (Yes, this is the second time this winter I got it!) You pull out all of your unmounted stamps, cut them out of their rubber sheets, and then paint the backs with Aileen's Tack It Over and Over. I counted over 190 stamps that I prepared this way - some only 1/4" tall!

These stamps came from Paper Artsy, Ma Vinci's Reliquary, Cornish Heritage Farms, Cherry Pie, Another Stamp Company, and Purple Onion Designs. I am waiting on an order from Viva Las Vegastamps - they had a Superbowl XLII special in February, 42% off.

Since unmounted stamps are half the price of mounted and they take up far less room, this is the way to go! I store them on plastic sheets in manila folders and have the stamped image of these sheets on top for reference. Some day I will have to count how many unmounted stamps I have in relation to the mounted ones and then compare the space each take up - no contest!!

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betty2dogs said...

Wow you were busy!!! I wish I had the dedication to track down all of mine and get them imaged!