Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This is funny - I favor the "Fly" ATC over the "Murder" one yet I received more requests to trade for the crows! I am trying to find a polite way to tell people that I don't particularly care for any of their ATC's available to trade.....any suggestions? A friend told me to ignore the request but then it sits behind my ear and nags at me. In the past, I told the person that I liked a card that had already been traded and would they create another similar one for me. I will probable try that one again on the request that I have been ignoring so far!


betty2dogs said...

Let us know how it turns out.

Rosemary said...

Why don't you just say that you already have a similar one or one with that theme and politely say thanks but no thanks.

Anonymous said...

I know some ATCs are made in limited quantities so perhaps you could just be "out" of the one requested and therefore wouldn't be trading?

But that probably causes other issues (like having to have other ATCs to trade when there's one you want). Can you trade someone else's ATC (or use it to make a card for a charity)?

Curious how (if) this gets resolved.

Happy Crafting!
Tina aka TeeGeeDee