Friday, January 25, 2008

Christmas break

The university that I work at shuts down over Christmas (yeah for me!) so I get a week to visit with friends and family if the weather is not too bad. In the past, I have gone to Arlington, Texas to see my Godchildren and to Rochester, NY to visit friends and just hang out. This time I spent a few "girly days" with my cousins down in PA near Lake Wallenpaupak. Betty and I drove down to meet up with Rosemary and Donna and with drinks in hand, this is the project that I completed!

Since I used bits of mirror, mine is not a suncatcher and with that in mind, I picked out glass that really shows well when not seen through a window.

Betty also completed a beautiful piece that you can see in her blog. Her photo does not do the piece justice! (hmmmm, you would think to take a picture with it in the's a suncatcher, no?!!!) As Rosemary would say..."Betty, what were you thinking?!"

Rosemary has a business of creating stained glass pieces. Her celtic crosses are gorgeous and check out this celestial lampshade!

I finally posted my stained glass panel because a friend of Betty's saw her suncatcher and wants to do one also. This reminded me that I had something else to brag about beside paper crafts! So it looks like another "girly weekend" is in my future for more stained glass crafting!

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